Connect With Us!

Connect With Us!

Connect With Us!


We are here to make an impact on Asheville and around the world - to build the future - to never settle!

Endeavor is our collective commitment to faith, generosity, and impact.

Our Endeavor is to give above and beyond on our tithes toward missions (local and global) and projects (facilities and technology) - to reach as many people as we can possibly reach with the life-changing message of Jesus.

Through the giving of generous Endeavor Partners, we are able to resource ministries such as missions and media outreaches, and create incredible environments for the next generation. Countless lives have been impacted because of their generosity and sacrifice!

The Rock Church is full of Endeavor Partners who give above and beyond their tithe toward Endeavor. We’re audacious enough to pray that everyone who calls The Rock Church their home would choose to be an Endeavor Partner and help change the lives of thousands in our region and around the world.

On Sunday, September 13th, we are asking our church to prayerfully consider bringing your very best to our Fall Endeavor Offering!  Our direction in this unprecedented season has caused us to take a strong look into our video and online digital media platforms and we need to update our equipment, as well as continue our support for local and global outreaches that we partner with every month!  Help us to continue to reach Asheville and beyond in this chaotic season and spread the message of hope in Jesus!  Check out the video from Pastors Kirk and Suzette, and you can give online today to become an Endeavor Partner!  Thank you so much for your generosity!