Connect With Us!

Connect With Us!

Connect With Us!

Answers to some of our most common questions!

I've attended services. I like it. Now how do I get more involved?

Starting Point is, well, a great start! You get to hear our church's history, our pastors' hearts, and what's ahead for us. You'll learn about volunteering, Rock Groups, meet staff and volunteers, and make some new friends. Ultimately, you'll want to find a way to serve and a Rock Group to attend - these are how you will build your closest relationships.

What should I wear?

We all have times we want to know if we will fit in, so here are some tips:
On one hand, you won't see many suits, ties, or dresses. And on the other, you also won't see many bare feet or gym shorts. The fashion vibe tends to be trendy with a sharp but casual lean. But that's not a rule - just what some people wear. Otherwise, we have blouses and polos, khakis and jeans, high heels and Birkenstocks, beards and smooth shaves - and some tattoos thrown in there, too. But don't sweat it - you are our V.I.P. no matter what you wear, or what you look like.

So, is this a Baptist church, or...?

Outside of our adherence to the Bible's model, we are not affiliated with a particular denomination. We love Jesus. We love the Bible. We are protestant - encouraging each believer to connect to God through prayer and scriptures. We are progressive in terms of our methodology, but are passionately committed to Biblical truth. Our pastor casts the vision, our staff team leads the way, our volunteers are the powerhouses behind every life changed, and we have many friends in ministry who share in the journey with us.