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Wide Open Spaces #2 - Smells Like Victory


2 Corinthians 2:14-16

Everyone has a smell. Your smell says something about you – where you’ve been, who you are, what you’ve eaten. Often, we can’t smell ourselves, but our scent is obvious to others. This is also true of our spiritual fragrance.

2 Corinthians 2:14

There is a smell of triumph associated with the knowledge of Christ - a smell of victory! Knowing Jesus lifts us out of living a defeated life, out of living condemned, out of living confused. The “smell” of victory lives on us no matter our circumstances! Whatever you are going through or coming up against, there is a victory for you in the mind of God.

Romans 8:28, Isaiah 54:17

Triumph means a fight has occurred and someone has won. Victory must be preceded by a fight. We have to expect hardship and battles in life if we ever hope to experience victory! It’s a mistake to assume that life should be easy and that trials indicate a problem. Our trials are what bring us to victory on the other side!

John 16:33

We were made for battles. You were made for the battles you are facing today! You can choose your attitude during your battle – are you going to believe God and be of good cheer? Or will you have a defeated attitude?

Walk in triumph, rest in the finished work of Jesus and cooperate with what God has already done. You will carry the smell of victory with you, no matter your circumstances!