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The Blessed Life #1 - Blessed is God's Default Setting


The Blessed Life is the normal life for us as individuals and for the Church. God’s word sets the standard for us – His original intention was for us to live The Blessed Life.

Genesis 1:26-28

God’s first move upon creating man was to bless them! Blessed is God’s default setting. Blessed simply means having supernatural power working for you. On the other hand, cursed means having supernatural power working against you. Our best life is lived when God’s “super” gets on our “natural.”

Psalm 1:1-3

We either resolve our circumstance to the Word or we resolve the Word to our circumstance. This causes either an upgrade or a downgrade to our lives! Establish blessed as the train of thought that will guide your expectations of life.

Genesis 12:1-3

God tells Abraham that he wants to make him great and bless him, so that he can be a blessing. God empowers us so that we can empower others! We are blessed to be a blessing.

Malachi 3:10

Proverbs 3:9-10

God created the world with blessing as a default - sin opened the door for curse. Now, our world tends toward curse. Tithe breaks the curse & releases blessing.

Malachi 3:8-9

Tithe is our first & best 10% - given to God. He gets our best – not our leftovers! Tithe is a tangible, spiritual demonstration that we prioritize God over anything else in our hearts. He’s more important than your house or your car. He gets the first!

90% blessed is better than 100% cursed

I’m inviting you to take a step of faith, a step of love, a step of obedience – by honoring God with your tithe. God is not trying to take anything away from you – His desire is to bless you – for you to live The Blessed Life!