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Supporting Cast - Anna the Prophetess


As we enter into the Christmas Season each year we pause and recount the Christmas story, at its most basic it is a story about Jesus. The Story is at its center a story of JESUS and his great LOVE.

This time of year brings a countless things that try to crowd into the center of the story - gifts, decorations, family, engagements and the list goes on. But, at the center of the Christmas story remains JESUS!

God’s entire plan and purpose is summed up in Jesus. The whole story of planet earth. The whole story of your life & mine. Jesus is the center of all. I am not. Not me, not you, not our feelings, our preferences or our opinions. We simply are not the center of the universe.

Luke 2:25-38

We are the supporting cast to the great story of Jesus.

Anna had the opportunity to play a supporting cast role in the birth of Christ. Here are six key characteristics that helped her fill her role:

1. She let her difficulties push her closer to God

Anna became a widow after only seven years of marriage. Her life shaken by loss. Though loss was an early part of her story, her response to that loss is what writes a greater story not only for her, but for us as well.

Instead of her loss driving her away from God, Luke 2:36-37 reveals that her story is characterized by faithfulness even though she had experienced great loss! The loss of her husband, likely the most devastating loss a young bride can have, catapulted her closer to the Lord!

2. She was devoted to the House of God

We learn in this story that Anna continually devoted herself to prayers and fasting. Her heart was tied to the House of God, and this devotion allowed her to fulfill her supporting cast role. Consistently investing your life into your local church is one of the best ways to stay in the story God is writing on planet earth.

3. She had a servant’s heart

Anna’s relationship with God resulted in service to God. One of the greatest fruits of your relationship with God should be service to Him. Going to church has value, but BEING the church is one of the most important things a Christian can do.

4. She had a strong prayer life

Prayer is not just asking God to do something - it’s getting in His presence and viewing the circumstances of life from that angle. Every great move of God has always included a tribe of people who would serve with intercessory prayer. There are few things more valuable than a devotion to a life of prayer to keep you in the story of Jesus.

5. She had a thankful heart

You are in your healthiest state of mind when you have a thankful attitude. Lack of gratitude is like a disease – to our emotions, to our mind-set and to our spiritual health.

Gratitude is simply locating the positives in life. Locating negatives is easy – we have to be on purpose about finding the positives!

6. She continually shared her faith with others

Anna spoke about Jesus to anyone who was looking. She didn’t push them, but she shared the story with the people who were ready.

If you want to be in the story God is writing, sharing your faith is a big part of that story. 

Stay in the story God is writing on the Earth! He has a supporting cast role for you to play!