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Keep Asheville Weird #4 - Honor


God’s Kingdom, and His way of doing things are often completely opposite of how the world does things. If the world can be bold about their chosen way to live, then we can be bold too!

We live in a sarcastic, cynical, skeptical, negative, opinionated world. Opinions are easy to share, and it's easy to tear people down - but everyone deserves to be treated with some level of honor.

To honor means placing value or respect on something. To dishonor means to treat something as common.

Dishonor causes everything to deteriorate - honor causes everything to elevate. Everything is better with honor

1. Honor toward God

Romans 1:21

We live in a world that finds it easy to dishonor God. Even believers can feel cornered into not being able to honor God.

Malachi 1:6-8

We have made church casual to make it accessible. But, we have to be careful that our attitude toward church does not become casual. We honor God through our church attendance, our engagement in worship, and in our giving.

2. Honor toward authority

Romans 13:1-2

Honor is a posture of your heart. Give honor to positions and people of authority – it’s honorable to honor positions.

3. Honor toward people

1 Peter 2:17

Everyone carries value and every person deserves some level of honor. When we get too familiar with someone or something, we can slip into treating it as ordinary.

Showing honor to people can come across in different ways. Hold the door for your spouse; teach your children to honor their teachers; honor those in authority.

Showing honor elevates everything. Honor God. Honor authority. Honor people.