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Keep Asheville Weird #3 - Generosity


Whenever we choose to live life God’s way, we will be thought of as weird. We need to be relevant to our culture, but we will still contrast how the world approaches things.

The world will tell you to take, keep, hold on, step on & over people. But as Christians, we are called to be generous.

Acts 20:35

Generosity is about being a giver in life rather than a taker. It’s not just about money – we can be generous with grace, with mercy and with our gestures. Generosity is about having a largeness of spirit!

A revelation of God’s abundance and generosity is foundational to living a generous life. We represent God well when we carry a generous spirit.

Proverbs 11:24-25

Generosity brings increase into your life. From a worldly perspective, giving should decrease you, but with a Kingdom perspective, giving is an investment into your future.

Luke 6:38

Don’t wait until you get to start giving – generosity should start right where you are, with the resources you have right now. The world says if you want something, you should take it. The Kingdom of God says that if you want something, you should give towards it.

Genesis 12:2

Abraham was blessed to be a blessing. Biblical prosperity’s purpose is to enable generosity - prosperity that stops at you is not Biblical prosperity. God has no problems blessing you; He just doesn’t want the blessing to stop at you.

Luke 9:12-17

The disciples were overwhelmed by the need and wanted the people to take care of their own needs. But Jesus wanted them to consider meeting the need. Jesus instructed them to take what they already had, and he blessed it and was miraculously able to take care of everyone’s needs.

The miracle was found in the distribution. The loaves & fish didn’t become big in the disciples hands – it became big in the giving away!

Don't shrink your story to your current capacity. Enlarge the story to God's unlimited willingness. Generosity is a powerful thing!