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Connect With Us!

Joy #23 - Maximize Your Receptivity


Philippians 4:9

Paul’s concept here is: follow me as I follow Christ. As we see people living out God’s word, we pick up what’s in them as possibilities for our own lives. We pick up faith, love, perseverance, courage, determination.

It’s always great meeting people who have gone higher and further than I have. I love entering their world and picking up on what makes them tick.

Paul gives 4 avenues to receive impact from a person’s life

1. The Power of learning - learned

The idea of learning implies more than just acquiring more knowledge. Learning is a combination of knowledge and experience. When you learn something, it’s in you and becomes a part of you.

We have to be careful, because what can happen is that we hear something for years, but still do not fully understand the concept yet. For example, you might hear about the power of words – but still speak negatively over your self or your situation.

2. The Power of Impartation – received

Romans 1:11

You receive impartation on a different level than you receive knowledge. Impartation is more of a spirit thing – you have to listen with a different set of ears.

3. The Power of a Sound – heard

Every person has a sound. Every church has a sound. Your sound is heard through your tone, the atmosphere of a place, the perspective. You can have the sound of victory or sorrow, life or defeat. Listen to the sounds around you!

4. The Power of an example - seen in me

Nothing impacts like the power of example. When I see excellence – I want excellence. When I see love – I want to love. We should aim for higher places to give good examples to those around us. People are watching you!

Your receptivity will grow if you practice these things:

  • Stay a learner
  • Receive impartation
  • Listen for a sound
  • Learn from an example