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Joy #17 - Heaven-Centered, Earth-Dwelling


Philippians 3:17-21

There are two types of people – Earth-centered people and Heaven-centered people.

Heaven rules over earth; the spiritual rules over the natural. What happens in the natural is the manifestation of what has first taken place in the spiritual realm.

Heaven centered people aren’t just people who are going to heaven one day. They have roots down in heaven while living on Earth!

Here are three distinctions between Earth-centered and Heaven-centered living:

1. Mind Sets

Philippians 3:18-19

Keep seeking the things above. If you want higher ways – you have to have higher thoughts. Be moved by what you see and hear from heaven – not what you see here on Earth.

2. Appetites

Philippians 3:18

We all have appetites for different things - food, sex, power, attention, money, drinking, drugs, entertainment. You will always be hungry for what you’ve been eating. Earth-centered people allow their appetites to rule their lives. The ability to delay gratification is a key to a successful life.

3. Values

Philippians 3:18-19

Earth-centered people value things they should actually be ashamed of, your values change when you are a heaven-centered person. The church has always been, and always will be, counter to our earth’s culture in values.

Adjusting your mind-set, ruling your appetites and shifting your values will shift your life from simply earth-dwelling to being heaven-centered!