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It's My Turn Now


As a young boy, King David faced a day when he realized that it was his turn to take a stand and make a difference!

1 Samuel 17:17-20

David faithfully watched his father’s sheep. He was faithful in the unseen place when his dad asked him to take food to his brothers. David went, not knowing that this was going to be a defining day for him. It was his turn to say, “It’s My Turn Now.”

1 Samuel 17:21-24

David wasn’t able to predict that he’d encounter Goliath that day. He didn’t know that this would be his day to hit the big leagues. Even while it was happening, I’m sure he was just in the moment, but ready to do what he needed to do. We have to do this same thing – to be ready for each opportunity with a “ready” attitude – ready with faith and love.

1 Samuel 17:26

What bothers you may well be an indicator to your calling. You are the solution to a problem. Your big day may just come when you encounter a problem that bothers you so much that you have to rise up and do something about it. What issue bothers you?

1 Samuel 17:31-36

David steps up and says, “It’s My Turn Now!” What he was doing in secret (tending his father’s sheep) was prepping him for his big day. As a church, our commitment to the next generation is creating opportunities for Davids to rise up. As we launch into a very important season with Endeavor, it’s our time to rise up and build the church of the future. This is not the time to create limitations – it’s the time to stretch for new levels!