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God Wants to Write a Restoration Story in Your Life


Easter is the ultimate restoration story. Evil struck its greatest blow sending Jesus to the cross, but love overcame what evil intended.

No matter what you’ve been through God wants to write a restoration story in your life.

Luke 8:41-56

Four things we can learn from Jairus:

1. Life is not a game of fair

Jairus was not a bad person - he was an official of the synagogue. He was serving the house of God. Why would this happen to his 12-year-old daughter? When you live on planet earth, sometimes it’s going to rain on your parade.

Why do bad things happen to good people? There really only has been one good person - Jesus. He died in our place. He paid the penalty that was due to us. You don’t want to play the fair game.

Get yourself out of that “life is not fair” and get yourself into, “I don’t know why this is happening but I do know that God is for me.”

2. Jesus will write a restoration story when He is invited into the story

Lots of people surrounded Jesus in the streets. But only one woman pressed through to say, “Jesus, I really want you to be in my story.”

3. Your restoration story requires you to surround yourself with the right people

You have to have the right people in the room for the miracle to happen. There are a lot of negative people hanging around Jesus before he performed the miracle. He sent out all of the unbelievers, the naysayers and the cynical.

That’s where church comes in. Church is not just a meeting you attend, church is a life you share. Get believers in your life. Get people who believe in you, people who believe in your potential, people who believe in the promise of God. Get people who believe in restoration on your team.

4. The story is never over when God is part of the story

People told Jairus - his daughter was dead - the story is over. When Jesus hears this he says, “No, as long as I’m involved, it’s never over.” This is what Easter shows us. Even death, even Hell, even the grave cannot stop God’s march forward in human history. Jairus’ story is God’s resurrection story displayed in a human life.

The same power that raised Christ from the dead is aimed at you today. Open the door. Start a fresh chapter - a new journey - in letting God write your restoration story.

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